Who is Mon Cabas

Hello! My name is Zoë and I design and make the shoppers on this website from my kitchen table.

I like to recycle beautiful fabrics but equally work  with modern materials, suedes and leathers. My pride and joy is the vaste collection of fabrics hidden in every available part of the house i can find oh and my hard working sewing machines make me feel happy too!

I like to use small companies like myself for my other supplies so, for example ,the leather handles i design are then made by a lovely leather man in Ibiza, the suede is from a family run company in Northhampton and the embossed keyrings from a clever man who also runs his business form his kitchen table!

I feel that in this day and age where fast fashion is designed and encouraged to be rapidly disposed of we need to support and celebrate the things that are made to last. These are definitely Bags For Life!

On this website you have the choice between buying a pre made Cabas bag OR making your own choosing from the wide variety of outer and lining fabrics and handles, such fun!